Research Day Winners!

Oral Presentations

Best Oral: Emma Elliot-Smith, "Quantifying Late Quaternary Environmental Change in a Nearshore Marine Ecosystem Using d13C Analysis of Ancient Sea Otters"

Second Best Oral: Meghan Balk, "Constraints and Tradeoffs in Thermoregulation in Endotherms"

Honorable Mention: Ariel Gaffney,"Experimental Hypobaria Alters Inter-specific Competitive Dominance in Elevational Replacement Hummingbird Species" 

Poster Presentaitons

Best Poster: Tammi Duncan, "Bacterial Siderophores in the Underworld: Siderophore Production by Cave Bacteria in Carlsbad Caverns National Park"

Second Best Poster: Samantha Cordova, "Environmental DNA of Endemic Salamanders to New Mexico: Sacramento Mountain Salamander and Jemez Mountains Salamander"

Honorable Mention: Melissa Pardi, "Flesh off the Bones: A Study of Late Quaternary Canidae Communities Using an Expanded Set of Scaling Relationships Between Mass and Skeletal Fragments"

GRAC Awardees

Research Awards

Rachael Alfaro, "Comparative spigot ontogeny across Lycosoidea"

Schuyler Liphardt, "Phylogenomics of Hantaviruses to Explore the Mode and Tempo of Viral Evolution and Pathogenicity"

Jocelyn Colella, "A phylogenomic perspective on diversity and geneflow: A case study on ermine (Mustela erminea)"

Laura Páges Barceló, "Exploring the use of hydrogen isotopes to better understand sea turtle diet"

Dianna Maye Kresja, "Phylogeography and population genetics of North American wolverine (Gulo gulo luscus)"

Bryan Stephen McLean, "Delimitation of cryptic diversity in North American ground squirrels"

Travel Awards

Kayce Bell, "Disentangling Lousey Relationships: a phylogenomic perspective on host-parasite coevolution", Evolution

Marie Westover, "Exploring the dietary variation of pikas (Ochotona princeps) across space and time", American Society of Mammalogist

Dianna Maye Kresja, American Society of Mammalogist