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Press Release

G. Gustafson and R. Sites. 2015. A North American biodiversity hotspot gets richer: A new species of whirligig beetle (Coleoptera: Gyrinidae) from the Southeastern Coastal Plain of the United States. Annals of the Entomological Society of America, 1-7. 


M.I. Pardi and F.A. Smith. 2015. Biotic responses of canids to the terminal Pleistocene megafauna extinction. Ecography. 


Press Release

F.A. Smith, J.I. Hammond, M.A. Balk, S.M. Elliot, S.K. Lyons, M.I. Pardi, C.P. Tomé, P.J. Wagner, and M.L. Westover. 2015. Exploring the influence of ancient and historic megaherbivore extirpations on the global methane budget. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


C. Loughran, D.D. Beck, and R.E. Weaver. 2015. Use of communal shedding sites by the Northern Pacific Rattlesnake (Crotalus oreganus oreganus) in central Washington state. Northwestern Naturalist, 95: 156-160. 


N.G. Martinez, N. Bettez, and P.M. Groffman. 2014. Sources of Variation in Home Lawn Soil Nitrogen Dynamics. Journal of Environmental Quality, 43(6): 2146-2151 

R.L. Sinsabaugh, J. Belnap, S.G. Findlay, J.J.F. Shah, B.H. Hill, K.A. Kuehn,  C.R. Kuske, M.E. Litvak, N.G. Martinez, D.L. Moorhead, D.D. Warnock. 2014. Extracellular enzyme kinetics scale with resource availability. Biogeochemistry, 121(2): 287-304

R.L. Sinsabaugh, J. Belnap, J. Rudgers, C.R. Kuske, N. Martinez, D. Sandquist. 2015. Soil microbial responses to nitrogen addition in arid ecosystems. Frontiers in Microbiology, 6:

Recent Grants


Anny Chung: National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant for Mechanisms of microbe-mediated plant species coexistence across spatial and temporal scales

UNM Biology Scholarship Recipients:


The purpose of this award is to provide graduate students in the Department of Biology, University of New Mexico with financial support to pursue their research. Support would be based on the quality of the proposal, the activities of the ongoing research and need of the applicant.  To provide graduate students with resources to initiate or continue research projects, and/or to attend conferences to present their research.

Kayce Bell, Jessica Weber, Jocie Colella, Natasha Vokhshoori, Ariel Gaffney, Marie Westover, Donovan Jackson, Rachael Alfaro, Jen Noble, Laura Pagés, Joshua Lynn, Dianna Kresja, Samantha Stutz, Erika Gendron


The goal of this award is to support the research of a current Biology Department graduate student, thus assisting the student to complete their thesis or dissertation research. This award can be used to purchase research supplies or equipment and to support travel to field sites or to scientific meetings, all activities expected to be part of the graduate research program of the student. The funds cannot be used for a stipend. 

Jessica Weber


This scholarship is to support a graduate student in conducting research on the Rio Grande Bosque (or some area of water/watershed related biology). 

Ariel Gaffney


This scholarship is to support an undergraduate or a graduate student in pursuit of research in mammalogy.   

Jocie Colella, Kayce Bell, Dianna Kresja, Catalina Tomé


This scholarship is to support research being conducted by a graduate student, in any Biology subdiscipline. 

Catalina Tomé, Caleb Loughran, Marita Suazo, Martina Laidemitt


This scholarship is to support a student, undergraduate or graduate, who is pursuing a degree in any Biology subdiscipline. 

Kayce Bell, Jessica Weber, Jocie Colella, Maritna Laidemitt, Deborah Boro, Schuyler Liphardt, Larissa Anderson, Andrea Chavez


This scholarship is to support undergraduate or graduate American Indian students in making progress towards earning their degree. 

Donovan Jackson


This scholarship is to support graduate fellowship in Plant Ecology in the Department of Biology.  

Dunbar Carpenter, Kellen Paine


Martina Suazo