Elected Officers

(description of positions in BGSA constitution)

Co-Presidents: Marie Westover & Anny Chung
Secretary: Noelle Martinez
Treasurer: Deborah Boro
Website Coordinator: Dunbar Carpenter
Building and Space Allocation: Bethaney Fehrenkamp
Computer Pod: Catalina Tomé
Fundraising/T-shirt Design and SalesDianna Krejsa

GPSA Representatives: Anny Chung
GRAC Co-Chairs: Heather Buelow & Alesia Hallmark
Graduate Student Policy: Rae Devan
Graduate Student Selection: Rachael Alfaro
New Student Representative: Marie Westover
Research Day: Kel Cook
Scholarship Committee: Ali Fretz
Social Co-Chairs: Caleb Laughran
Undergrad Policy: Miriam Hutchinson
BUGS Mentoring Coordinators: Noellle Martinez
Greenhouse Committee: John Roesgen
Graduation Committee: Kellen Paine