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BGSA Constitution

We, the Biology Graduate Students of the University of New Mexico Department of Biology, coming from a variety of disciplines within biology, yet united in our concern for the quality of our academic environment, believing that we can achieve more in our unity than we can alone, hereby establish this Constitution to preserve and protect the rights of all biology graduate students at this University, to advance the interests of the biology graduate student community, and to facilitate the professional development of its members. 

In operating under this Constitution, the Biology Graduate Student Association shall hold the following rights to be indispensable:
  • the right to a complete education,
  • the right to access the resources necessary to promote that education,
  • the right to freely express ideas and thoughts that are a product of that education,
  • the right to advocate for resources that benefit graduate students
  • and the right to participate in the processes and institutions that will ensure this education remains worthy and acceptable


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